Welcome to my blog.  I would like to share my thoughts regarding the latest on the future of software products, as well as how start-ups can best utilize software product development teams both in the United State and India. My thoughts are not necessarily those shared by my company – Synerzip.

I am the Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Synerzip. Prior to launching Synerzip, I was Vice President of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer, and founding member of ECMi, a software products and services company based in Dallas. At ECMi, I was responsible for leading all aspects of ECMi’s off-shore development operations.

With over 22 years of experience in software architecture design and product development, I have demonstrated success in leading teams to deliver products on time and from concept to release.

Synerzip can be found on Facebook at http://facebook.com/synerzip and on YouTube  where we have many product demonstrations and monthly webinars posted.


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