7 Unique Ways India Conditions the Minds of its Entrepreneurs to Excel

New Age Start-ups – Advantage India!

Like every November Indian Startups will flock at Bangalore this year for the Nasscom Product Conclave . Many well-educated and experienced entrepreneurs will showcase their new age products. Its time we looked at the unique way India conditions the minds of its entrepreneurs to excel.

Unique Way 1:

Indian entrepreneurs are good at making creative improvisations in the face of resource crunch.

Successful startups owe their success to their ability to be creative and economical at the same time. India is an economy of shortages. People often think a lot before spending on things as trivial as a phone call. “Missed calls” are extensively used to communicate without spending anything. Guards or drivers report on duty by giving a “missed call” to their superiors. TV viewers can vote in a competition by giving missed calls to the chosen competitors. Rag-pickers recycle almost everything from pet bottles to plastic bags. Arvind Gupta makes innovative scientific toys from trash. Almost quarter million office workers in Mumbai have hot meals from home delivered to them for a quarter per day and has near zero error rate- thanks to the low cost transportation system developed by the community of Dabbawallas.

Unique Way 2 >>


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