DNA Mapping for Hiring? Some day…

Here Now…

Summer’s here, as are long days. New clients have been added to our roster and the days are filled with activity. We had some new talent join us recently and we discovered later, quite unhappily, that one of them who sounded perfect on paper with the right qualifications and experience and had floored us during the interviews, actually lacked passion, energy and overall, the basic aptitude required for the role.

Do you find yourself wishing for a Gattaca-like set-up, wherein a person’s genetic make-up will determine their aptitude and the best roles would be recommended accordingly? I know I would like to toss a coin into the nearest wishing well and ask for a way to place a round peg in a circular hole.

What If…

There have been serious advances in DNA analysis and some scientists and genetic research companies claim to predict specific abilities in a person, so that they could make career choices accordingly. What if we could somehow leverage these developments in our hiring? Life would undoubtedly be (more than) a tad easier.

How this could work, at a very high level, is— once a candidate gets their DNA sequence blueprinted, their inherent aptitude skills could be included in their resume. Similar to how hiring managers can access resumes through job portals right now, they could also map DNA sequence characteristics to qualities essential to a role in their search for potential candidates. Through statistical analysis, certain characteristics that show proclivity to occur together could be factored collectively, facilitating easier mapping and categorizing. Advanced searches like these could help narrow down the number of suspects that could then be put through more traditional rounds of the process.

What This Could Mean

What this could mean for hiring managers is a more effective hiring process. Certain areas that look for very specific personal qualities would be more easily managed, and you would have scientific proof to back up your judgment and instinct.

Also, new entrants to the job force of the future would be aware about their genetic characteristics that determine inclination and suitability to certain kinds of roles, which could lead to more informed decisions.

Not Too Long Now

DNA Sequencing costs are rapidly falling, home-test kits are on their way— all pointers to how quickly we would have genetic mapping play a role in most aspects of our lives. Ethical and theological debates aside, maybe the hiring manager of the future can look forward to more successful hiring decisions.


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